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Our Mission

Burgos Realty Company™️ provides high-end real estate expertise facilitating commercial and residential acquisitions, investments, sales and management throughout the markets we serve. Our client-focused approach aligns property goals to build equity, enhance legacies, elevate comfort, and empower communities for generations forward.

Our Vision

We aspire to expand diversity in residential and commercial real estate ownership by demystifying the purchase and sale process of property and land through the delivery of agent excellence, sound education, significant resources and unmatched services that create generational wealth equity across the United States.

Burgos Realty Company is legally structured as an LLC with a trademark application on file. We are a Latino and Black-Owned real estate firm powered by experts who are well versed in business, marketing and all things real estate. We represent both residential and commercial buyers and sellers seeking real estate resources and expertise.

Our Core Values


empower growth and make it essential and achievable.


understand purpose and design innovative pathways focusing on a sustainable future.


intentionally listen, showcase respect, consider current and future needs and wants.


embrace, enhance, partner, invest and advocate with equity in mind.


deliver brilliant competence humbly, human with care and accountability.


develop strategy that meets drive to powerfully exceed expectations.


share to protect, provide clarity, be kind and educate effectively.


produce with a high-level ethics, doing things the right way.

Our leadership empowers and supports agents and staff to thrive to reach their desired affluence and real estate business goals. We embrace driven professionals, and ensure they have access to resources to enhance their competence of the real
estate industry, the markets, and communities they service.

Founders/ Executive Team

Joseph Burgos, President, and CEO | Broker has multiple decades of real estate industry experience and is a proud Temple (football) alum. Joe founded the Company alongside his wife and daughter, together they infused Burgos Realty Company™️ with a full blend of their skill sets, professionalism, ethics and values.

His wife, Desireé L. Burgos, Realtor® | Senior Vice President is a Springfield College alum and has decades of experience leading companies and their teams through executive onboarding, business development, career coaching and nonprofit organizational management.

Amya Zhanelle

His daughter, Amya Zhanelle, MS, Realtor® | Vice President of Marketing is a two-time Stevenson University alum and has several years of leading marketing initiatives for her social media marketing firm, clients, and multiple other businesses.

We are absolutely obsessed with delivering a high-level client experience tailored to align with their property needs and desires and equip our agents to do the same.

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